Filtration products

  • filter belt for belt press
  • conveyor belt and sewerage system belt
  • filtration cloth for filter press
  • basket, bag, thimble, filtration disc
  • bag for centrifuge
  • semi-finished product

Glass fibre structures and fences

Structure wise, frames are designed in the most varied characteristics and forms with profiles in PRGF (polyester reinforced with glass fibres) and used for making:

  • Handrails
  • Sloping staircases
  • Ladders
  • Working surfaces
  • Lattices

The glass fibres, laid out in the direction of stress with a percentage amounting to 70% guarantee high mechanical resistance.

The profiles are generated with a bright yellow standard colour but can be done with other colours on request.

  The resins used for the profiles can be isophthalic, bisphenolic, vinylester or of other type and can also be resistant to fire.

The structures do not require any maintenance, which consequently reduces the maintenance costs; the structures are thus reliable, but also economic.

From the electrical point of view, they are insulating and non-magnetic.

Cutting and adjusting the structures are extremely simple operations, due to the lightness of the elements and also because the current tools intended for mechanical work can be used for this purpose.

The installation is fast and does not require painting, welding, etc….

The profiles are plain with simple rivets or bolts made of AISI 316 stainless steel or with bolts made of PRGF (polyester reinforced with glass fibre).
Our technicians are busy with the executive design of all the requested frames.

In order to avoid inconveniences during installation, all the structures are assembled beforehand in our workshops.

Electrical insulation and corrosion resistant fences

One of the most innovating applications of the gratings and profiles in PRGF is represented by the fences.

These manufactured goods are used more particularly in areas where electrical insulation and resistance to corrosion are necessary.

The fences are directly designed by the technical office in order to obtain a better service/cost ratio and to allow simple and fast assembly.

Fences do not require any additional maintenance costs because they do not need any maintenance.

Moreover, the fences made of PRGF do not require earthing, which is an additional economic advantage.

In addition to being installed outside, the fences can also be used inside the buildings or power stations to delimit the live apparatuses.


Among the major applications of the fences, we find power stations, geothermal power stations, lattices, transformers, reduction power stations, niches in railway and other tunnels.

Custom made products

  • slide gate valves DN 50 to 1200
  • butterfly valves DN 100 to 600
  • sluice gate valves
  • check valve
  • line strainer

Manual, pneumatic or electric operation, high or low pressure, with fast or slow shutdown.